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Futanaria movies

Posted in videos on September 19th, 2009 by admin – 9 Comments

Hello friends:)

Today something really unique & rare, which you probably won’t find anywhere else. FREE futanaria movie! Check out hottest futanaria brides fucking each other, sucking each other dicks and more! If you are seeking for monster ejaculation then you won’t be disappointed also. There is ton of cum all over the place ejaculated! Final scene is pretty awesome, Blonde chick is lying on the floor while the brunette is filling full her mouth with tons of cum. If your girlfriend is having hard times with swallowing your cum then show her this video – she should be glad that she doesn’t have swallow gallons of cum!

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Futanaria free!

Posted in pictures on August 29th, 2009 by admin – 18 Comments

Greeting all Futanaria fans! And all of you which haven’t already heard about futanaria, but nothing to worry about! You’re about to see one of the weirdest hentai/anime fantasy made real (well almost real). Futanari in anime/hentai is all about duality, entity which is men and women at the same time, which means that chick has dick, pussy and tits. Well about dick the most important thing that the dick is incredibly big, not to say enormous! It’s obvious that the dick is fake (rubber) but looks like real (no straps/whatever – haven’t got any idea how they put it to girls) but it’s amazing to look at. There is only one site which produces content like this, so this view is quite extraordinary.

Back to reality, few free samples :)


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Isn’t that awesome? Just take a look! 2 chicks Kylie and Cassie with monster dicks. It starts slowly chicks touch each other dicks, and then Cassie sucks Kylie’s dicks, next Kylie fucks Cassie from behind quite roughly – it must be hard time for the fucked girl to handle suck large dick… And the scene great finale – Kylie fucks Cassie lying in the pussy while Cassie jerks off, and doing MONSTER ejaculation – dude – there is like few gallons of cum!

That’s all for today. See ya soon. (soon there will be here some movie :) )

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